“Justine’s classes have had me hooked for many years! She creates a fun energy and explains things in a way that allows you to fully understand the layers of rhythm. I’d highly recommend her workshops because she’s so experienced with keeping students of all skill levels engaged!”

Kate B

“Justine’s talent is incredible and amazing. Months before my wedding, I had given Justine a sheet of words that I had written for my husband to be. A gift of song on our wedding day taking place in Sicily later that year. Justine composed and sang the most heartfelt melody to accompany my words, and in addition had some of the words translated to Italian. It was the most special moment of the wedding and Justine sang the song so beautifully. Almost everyone was moved to tears and we still talk about this wonderful memory, one we can cherish forever.”

Ursula D

“I’ve been drumming with Justine in Wycombe for eight years and it’s now a very fundamental part of my life. When I joined I was a complete novice but felt part of the group straightaway by learning a simple rhythm in the first session.
Drumming is a very joyful and creative means of expression that is also great for stress reduction – definitely a mood enhancer! As a drummer you’re also part of a community made up of all kinds of people which I feel is very positive.
I also find Justine’s African dance classes great fun, really bringing the drumming to life, as well as being good aerobic exercise.”

Caroline T